Cups Not Needed
No longer do you need to remember the plastic cups at the next picnic or tailgate. Simply open and enjoy! But, if you do choose to serve outside of the can, you will be happy to find that beer pours much easier and faster out of Sly Fox 360 cans—a big help at sporting and concert venues where lines are long and service time is critical.


Both the lid and can are infinitely recyclable. AND, without the
need for cups there is only 1 waste stream. Additionally,
360 lids have 30% less mass than bottle caps.

Your Nose Knows
Studies have shown that you taste
first with your nose, then your mouth.
The new Sly Fox 360 cans put the aroma front and center, just as if you were drinking from a glass, providing the full beer drinking experience in a convenient, portable package.

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